Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Water Tanks

As this will be self contained and hopefully capable of supporting 1 man for 1 week, I need water......... and a place for waste water to be stored before I can get rid of it safely.
I contacted this company and spoke to the owner Neil Woodhead. I was impressed with his knowledge and enthusiasm. I sent him a drawing of the fresh water tank and the waste water tank. On the 28th June I set myself up to fit them both. Now the fresh tank will weigh probably 250kg when full so a very heft support frame is needed.

Unfortunately the fresh water tank didn't fit !!!!!!!!!!!! I rang Neil and he kindly offered to alter the tank to make it fit on the 2nd July, so I'm going to run it over to him and see what we can do.

The waste water tank did fit and here are a few pictures of it in place

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