Friday, 25 July 2014

Rear brakes and wheel bearings

Squeaking from the back nearside led me to take the hub off and inspect the inside of the discs.

Here you can see the rust and the wear on the pads. One of the retaining clips (near the thumb) has snapped off and should look like the opposite side. This meant the shoes were rubbing on the inside of the disc causing the squeal. So while the hub is off having a new bearing pressed in I will replace and clean up the inside of the wheel.

I have ordered some new flooring for the living area. A new side window and two new roof vents. Update to follow.

Once the bearing returns I will re-assemble the end of the axle.

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cam belt change:

I thought it was about time to change the cam belt, so put aside a day and got to it.

To start with you need the new belt and two rollers along with a tensioner.

The hard part is getting to the belt, its behind a black plastic cover behind the fan!

So an hour later with the intercooler and radiator removed we get to

Remove the intake pipe, the top soundproofing cover, and the alternator belt

Now this is the scary bit, set up at 36mm socket and bar like the above and crank the engine over to break the bolt on the pulley

Now i know your supposed to peg the fuel pump and the flywheel and such like but i just marked the position on the block of the wheels and counted the number of teeth from one wheel to the next.

I have replaced the two rollers and the tensioner as you can see above. Hand crank the engine clockwise slowly to make sure you have the engine set up right. Then re assemble in reverse order.

Thats how I did mine not too difficult only a days work.

Runs perfectly now so on to the brake pipes next.

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Solar panel update

Solar panel issue has been fixed:

The silver foil connectors in row 4 of the nearside panel had delaminated causing open circuit in that row this led to no voltage getting to the controller and hence no charge.

I removed the backing and took apart the panel, re soldered it and covered the access point in sikaflex to re seal.

So far working as good as ever

I have now added labels to the control panel pictures to follow.

I have purchased two new rear wheel bearings and handbrake shoes to overhaul the rear end as I noted a squealing noise from the rear wheels, I changed the discs and pads about 10k ago so a wheel bearing is the likely culprit.

Again I will post pictures when I get to do it - probably saturday.

I am investigating fitting roof lights and vents will update on this shortly.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A new look for the van

Ok so I know I haven't updated this in a while as the van has been parked up in France.

It's now on the way back and due for some routine maintenance.

Items that need addressing:

240v night heater needs to be sorted

Solar panel fault needs to be diagnosed

New shower fitted as the last one froze

Control panel updating with labels etc.

I know pictures are the key and I will update with them once I start work on the 13th

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Long awaited update

Ok nearly 3 Years since I made any form of update on the camper.

The camper is now sitting in France waiting for a spruce up.

I lived in the van for 6 months saving a lot of rent. I then used that as a deposit to purchase a house in France that requires renovation (Blog arriving soon)

What can I say about the van after such a long time? I guess you want to know what works well and if anything has failed? Well here we go:


Bracket holding the cylinder on the wall - Had to get it re welded for £10, I then put an extra support under the cylinder to share the load.

Blue cold water pipe behind the cylinder - melted as it was run next to the output side of the Eber heater, replaced and changed the route.

Vehicle battery - Wouldn't stand up to long periods of non usage, installed a trickle charger from the 240v supply.

Shower and tap - Left it for 2 days with water in over winter, both the tap and the shower froze over and cracked, lesson learnt.

Solar panels - no output needs investigating.

Not bad for full timing.

Everything else worked exactly as planned, lived in it full time over the coldest winter we have ever had, the inside temperature was whatever I set on the digital temperature controller (usually 19-20deg)

I now have another camper project in mind either a really small one or a really big one! haven't decided yet.

If anyone wants specific pictures or information then you can E-Mail me at:

I might have to sell the stealth camper in the coming months to finance the new project, but I hope not.

Monday, 8 February 2010

What works and what doesn't

What works Well:
1) Generator - Has got me out of so many scrapes I can't count.
2) Hot water - Never ran out yet, heats up in 20 min for 2 people
3) Bathroom - All working perfectly, right down to the wet floor and toilet extractor, shower is more powerful than most houses
4) Kitchen storage - More than I can use and well arranged
5) Microwave - Can make everything in this, from pizza to a roast dinner!!!
6) TV/AV setup - 260GB of movies and TV series, its like being in a cinema
7) Fridge - Runs on very little power and keeps everything cool / frozen (Tested in 30deg heat)
8) Battery to battery charger - Fit and forget always keeps the batteries charged when moving
9) Solar charger - In december I managed 2amps in daylight (Same as the fridge takes)
10) Inverter - Powers everything on board with a pure sinewave and has a charger built in

What needs attention:
1) Mains heater - Needs uprating 900W only keeps the inside at 12deg (Outside temp -2)
2) Infra red - Need to extend the range of the remote controls in to the cupboard
3) Mains charger - Currently a 15a charger which is far too weak need 50a
4) New lighting - Need to conserve power by replacing bulbs with LED lights
5) Timer for mains heater - Addition of a programable timer to save power during the night
6) Mysterious drain on inverter when nothing turned on - Investigate
7) Carbon monoxide detector - Needs fitting to cover when generator is on or the hob lit
8) Seat cushions - Need fixing to the wall but still moveable
9) Waste water level sensor - Re think needed as the water level shorts it out when totally full
10) Outside temp sensor - Not connected

Friday, 1 January 2010

Toilet exhaust system

As the access door for the toilet waste tank is on the inside I have vented the cassette to the outside using a waste pipe and a fan. When the water pump is switched on the fan starts under the van and exhausts the tank.