Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Door fronts and vinyl

These 3 pictures show the progress made this week. The doors have been clipped on and handles fitted. The bed area has been covered in cream Vinyl. The TV has been mounted. Most importantly the whole van has been cleaned and polished. Microwave has been fitted and the control panel has been painted and re-fitted.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Control Panel update

A close up view of the control panel with most switches connected. Temperature monitors connected and Eberspacher connected. Generator is also now fully functional along with the control unit.

Home Made exhaust

This is the exhaust from the generator. There is no way I was going to spend £200 on the dometic one so I used a spare Eberspacher silencer and 2 spray cans joined together with a baked bean can. It works perfectly.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Final finishes

The top picture shows the trim around the bathroom doorframe and the wall colour which is cotton cream. The other pictures show the glass surround on the worktop (Sprayed to match the doors) and the TV bracket which can be moved in to 2 positions one above the hob and one above the bed depending on how the kitchen is being used.

Control Panel

This is the half finished control panel, there are several other switches to add and other displays. The final finish for this will be the same as the locker and the unit fronts. As shown in the previous post the panel lowers for wiring requirements.

Start on electrics

The top picture shows the rear of the control panel when lowered. The bottom picture shows under the sofa area the bottom left box is the Battery to battery charger, bottom right The 240v charger, middle black box is the 24v to 12v converter. Top left are 3 junction boxes. Far right are the two 150AH batteries. The Steca solar charger failed on installation, new one on order.

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Power selector and fuel tank

The top picture shows the position of the fuel tank for the generator, this can be removed to fill.
The bottom picture shows the remote 240v power selector switch which is controlled by a 3 way low voltage switch (24v) on the control panel. The switch can select the 3 240v input sources for the van Hook - up, Generator, Inverter. Each source is then isolated when disconnected.

Ceiling fan

The main cabin ceiling fan is a combination of two fans. One is a factory made solar powered extractor the other is a very large computer fan secured over the inlet of the solar fan. The computer fan is 24v, this gives me two speeds slow (12v) and fast (24v). The solar fan runs all the time in sunlight, the computer fan can be switched at the control panel when required.

Wall covering

Here you can see the wall covering over the ply. There are spaces cut out for the toilet hatch and the heater grill on the left. The gap on the top right of the top picture is for the control panel. The wall rock will be painted using hard wearing paint making it washable. You can also see the ply facing on the left of the doorway with a cut out at the top allowing the sliding door to close.