Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Solar Power

As the camper will have to operate away from a power hook -up for possibly one week I need to ensure that the batteries are kept charged. I won't be running the engine all the time, so I need to find another way of charging the batteries.

I located 2 x solar panels on E-Bay at a vastly reduced price. I thought I had found a bargain, however one of the panels was faulty. I spent about 1hour with my dad and in that time we managed to locate and repair the fault. So now both panels work great.

Next question is how do we mount it? The van is very high off the ground and a large roof rack would spoil the stealth conversion ethic. So we constructed a custom low profile mount on the roof, it looks as though the panels are flat touching the roof, but there is an air gap underneath.

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CanningReedmakers said...

Hey. I'm just starting to convert an Iveco Daily too and currently trying to decide on solar panels and how to mount them. Your mountings are very clever -I don't suppose you'd consider making a set for me - for a fee of course?