Sunday, 18 November 2012

Long awaited update

Ok nearly 3 Years since I made any form of update on the camper.

The camper is now sitting in France waiting for a spruce up.

I lived in the van for 6 months saving a lot of rent. I then used that as a deposit to purchase a house in France that requires renovation (Blog arriving soon)

What can I say about the van after such a long time? I guess you want to know what works well and if anything has failed? Well here we go:


Bracket holding the cylinder on the wall - Had to get it re welded for £10, I then put an extra support under the cylinder to share the load.

Blue cold water pipe behind the cylinder - melted as it was run next to the output side of the Eber heater, replaced and changed the route.

Vehicle battery - Wouldn't stand up to long periods of non usage, installed a trickle charger from the 240v supply.

Shower and tap - Left it for 2 days with water in over winter, both the tap and the shower froze over and cracked, lesson learnt.

Solar panels - no output needs investigating.

Not bad for full timing.

Everything else worked exactly as planned, lived in it full time over the coldest winter we have ever had, the inside temperature was whatever I set on the digital temperature controller (usually 19-20deg)

I now have another camper project in mind either a really small one or a really big one! haven't decided yet.

If anyone wants specific pictures or information then you can E-Mail me at:

I might have to sell the stealth camper in the coming months to finance the new project, but I hope not.