Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rear Bumper

The old rear bumper was bent and would't allow the trim to be replaced on the offside rear.

I bought a second hand heavy duty bumper from ebay for £80 - It didn't fit at all.

So out came the angle grinder and now it fits.

The old bumper
New bumper.

I had to move the generator exhaust to exit to the rear nearside behind the bumper, but it looks far better.

Brake pipes

Replaced all the rear callipers and hubs then bled the brakes.

I started the engine and pushed the brake pedal that was firm. It went to the floor and as I looked under the van i saw fluid raining onto the floor from several locations.

Fortunately I had spare pipe and tools to repair it so everything brake wise is now brand new from from the engine bay to the rear wheels.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

More rusty bits

So I finally got round to stripping the end of the axle down. It appears that the holder for the ABS sensor had snapped also and mashed the inside of the wheel. I have cleaned everything and re painted all the parts I can get to. The calliper was also manky so thats getting the same treatment.

I have also bought new discs and pads for the front and a new rear bumper and trim.

I have plans to make my own double glazed side window.

I have now fitted the new hub bearing as you can see below ready for re fitting

Friday, 25 July 2014

Rear brakes and wheel bearings

Squeaking from the back nearside led me to take the hub off and inspect the inside of the discs.

Here you can see the rust and the wear on the pads. One of the retaining clips (near the thumb) has snapped off and should look like the opposite side. This meant the shoes were rubbing on the inside of the disc causing the squeal. So while the hub is off having a new bearing pressed in I will replace and clean up the inside of the wheel.

I have ordered some new flooring for the living area. A new side window and two new roof vents. Update to follow.

Once the bearing returns I will re-assemble the end of the axle.