Friday, 1 January 2010

Toilet exhaust system

As the access door for the toilet waste tank is on the inside I have vented the cassette to the outside using a waste pipe and a fan. When the water pump is switched on the fan starts under the van and exhausts the tank.

In line heater

While on campsites / other quiet places I need a way of heating the van without using the diesel powered heater. Most people use a portable fan heater. I wanted my system built in so I could effectively use the diesel heater primary circuit silently. No product existed on the market so I built my own. I used a 900w Tubular heater for towel warmers and fixed it inside a length of 22mm copper pipe. I then made 2 15mm ends to allow the heater to fit in line with the flow of the diesel heater. The 240v supply is activated from a switch on the control panel that also tuns on the 24v water circulating pump attached to the diesel heater. I have fitted this system and it is currently under test. Below is a picture to show the idea.