Sunday, 17 May 2009

The top image shows the Kitchen tap in place. The second one shows the plumbing for the shower and toliet, the top 2 isolator valves are for the basin in the bathroom once it has been fitted. The last picture shows the waste for the kitchen sink, custom made to fit in to a normal trap.

Water pump

Here you can see the water pump located under the hot water cylinder. The blue pipe to the right takes the cold water to the sink and shower and the cold to the cylinder. The top picture shows the generator with the inverter on top and the cylinder to the right.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Shower wastes

The two shower wastes are both soldered 22mm rigid pipes leading to the waste tank and located in the side of the tank next to the sink waste.

Towel warmer and toilet

Here you can see the new towel warmer with thermostatic valve and the toilet fixed in place. The piping for the towel warmer is done inside the wall, the brass valve you can see in the wall is the bypass valve to compensate for the thermostatic valve on the towel warmer.

Door area

Here is the wall clad in 3mm ply with a gentle curve to the doorway. At the bottom of the wall you can see the 2 holes for the heater which will have the covers matching the one under the bed. On the right you can see the flow and return pipes to the diesel heater, the longer loop is for the towel warmer in the bathroom. The hole is for the access to the toilet waste tank.

Plastic coating the bathroom floor

I used PlastiDip paint which when cured turns into plastic. To get the paint to apply properly we had to store the tin in the freezer. 3 Coats were used to make it waterproof. You can see the two wastes in the floor around the toilet base. This shot also shows the white waterproofed walls.

Painting bathroom walls

You can see the base coat on the walls and floors ready for the exterior waterproof paint.

Shower room floor and walls

Preperation of the floor and walls of the bathroom in readiness for the flooring to be painted on. The corners are sealed with Sika - flex and the wastes are fitted in the floor. The wooden box is a raised shelf for the toilet.