Thursday, 22 August 2013

Solar panel update

Solar panel issue has been fixed:

The silver foil connectors in row 4 of the nearside panel had delaminated causing open circuit in that row this led to no voltage getting to the controller and hence no charge.

I removed the backing and took apart the panel, re soldered it and covered the access point in sikaflex to re seal.

So far working as good as ever

I have now added labels to the control panel pictures to follow.

I have purchased two new rear wheel bearings and handbrake shoes to overhaul the rear end as I noted a squealing noise from the rear wheels, I changed the discs and pads about 10k ago so a wheel bearing is the likely culprit.

Again I will post pictures when I get to do it - probably saturday.

I am investigating fitting roof lights and vents will update on this shortly.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

A new look for the van

Ok so I know I haven't updated this in a while as the van has been parked up in France.

It's now on the way back and due for some routine maintenance.

Items that need addressing:

240v night heater needs to be sorted

Solar panel fault needs to be diagnosed

New shower fitted as the last one froze

Control panel updating with labels etc.

I know pictures are the key and I will update with them once I start work on the 13th