Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The base vehicle

I had to choose a base vehicle for my conversion. This took about 2 years to decide on!!!! The reason it took so long is every vehicle seems to be a compromise....... I want a big living space in a small van, I want standing room in a van capable of getting into car parks with height restrictions. I want carry capacity but only a 3.5t weight limit...........

All of the above are impossible so I had to compromise. I finally settled on a IVECO 50C13
The van is a 2.8TD 2002 reg
It has a load on rear axle of 3900kg and on the front 1900kg
It is a twin rear wheel van
A huge 4.5m long and 1900mm high load area

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Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am just wondering, since the van itself weight 2.6 ton, and 3.5 ton limit, did you get problem with the law?