Sunday, 21 December 2008

Picture showing the front of the locker minus the door, it also shows the curved underneath of the lockers which will be covered with wall covering.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Rear Bulk Head

This is the rear wall of the inside, finally making this a motorhome not a van with bits of wood in it. The bulkhead is 12mm plywood to support the lockers inside and make it strong enough to withstand various impacts from inside and out. There will be 50mm kingspan insulation on the rear of the ply once the pipes, vents and wires have been routed, then it will be finished with 3mm ply with dark grey rubber coating. Second picture shows the framework for the lockers at the rear

Pull out table

The table for the motorhome is large enough for two people to sit at when fully extended and big enough for one person when half extended. The whole thing slides in to a 170mm cupboard at the end of the kitchen units. The pictures show the table tops unfinished and just in place for pictures. The table has no legs and is only supported by a leg for photo purposes at this moment.