Saturday, 28 February 2009

Sofa curved end

The two pictures show the end section of the sofa, the top shows it in seating mode, and the bottom picture shows it in the bed position, the unused end section will be stowed behind the rear seat cushion when not being used. The end sections locate and secure around two dowels in the framework.

Microwave and pull out bin

These pictures show the pull out bin (Soft close) and the built in microwave. The microwave has a grill and microwave function and vents to the front. It draws 750w either on grill or Microwave and around 1850W in the combination mode. I intend to run this from the Dometic TEC29 generator unit and/or Hook up. The inverter will run the microwave but the current draw will be far too much for the batteries to handle.

Door finish

The finish of the locker front and the doors for the kitchen are gloss Ford Saphire Grey Metalic paint. The inside of the locker and cupboards will remain Jasmine White.