Monday, 23 March 2009

Eberspacher 5kw diesel heater

This picture shows the connections of the heater hose to the primary circuit in the cylinder. It also shows the Eberspacher water pump mounted next to the cylinder. This is quite high up but not the highest point in the system by about 1m.

This picture shows one of the 2 heater matrix + fan combinations fitted. When we rigged up the heater and switched it on this matrix alone increased the temperature of the van from 9.5 deg to 13.4 deg in less than 12 minutes. There is a boost and quiet mode setting for the heater fans.

This is the business end of the heater system. The picture shows the heater mounted behind the rear wheel arch and the two exhaust silencers leading towards the rear of the van. The heater will be covered by an aluminium plate eventually.

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