Monday, 25 August 2008

Rear bed frame

This shows the framework my brother built for me round the air-con unit and also shows the Calorifier I mounted on the wall, the floor under the calorifier will house the water pump, valves for the heating and other water related items. This area is surrounded by a tray like feature that means if there is a leak it drains through the floor and not into the living area, as the hot water will be about 80deg it is probably a good idea. It also shows the two main supports for the rear bed, this again will be slatted and ventilated so we don't need to prop the matress up to breathe. The size of this frame fits a standard 3/4 double mattress. This will probably be more comfy than my bed at home :)

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Conrad said...

Impressive. This is nearly identical to what I had in mind. I planned to have more roof openings and some side windows that could be insulated and covered and opened when possible.

What is the wheelbase of your van? I wanted to do this in a short a wheelbase as possible for increased stealth and easier parking. I think you have chosen the perfect size. I was leaning towards shorter, but this one seems perfect to me. Congrats on a very nice job.