Monday, 25 August 2008

Bed Base

This shows the pull out sofa bed in the bed position. The overhang is completely self supporting, no need for legs or slide outs that scratch the floor, I have tested this and it will support 1 large person easily on the edge. The unit gives a big enough occasional bed and also space to walk between the sofa and what will be the kitchen area allowing access to the main fixed double bed. As the bed is slatted like a domestic version it is very comfortable and we have tested it with domestic sofa cushions with a favourable result.


James said...

Hi, awesome job. You have the style that so many lack.

Could you point me to a place where I can learn how to make a self-supporting slide out bed/couch like you have? James

Sherah Kraan said...

fantastic! i'd love to know just how you designed this too! we're remodeling a 1975 camper and would love to use the same idea for a bed. beautifully built, by the way!

Steve Berke said...

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