Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Rear Bumper

The old rear bumper was bent and would't allow the trim to be replaced on the offside rear.

I bought a second hand heavy duty bumper from ebay for £80 - It didn't fit at all.

So out came the angle grinder and now it fits.

The old bumper
New bumper.

I had to move the generator exhaust to exit to the rear nearside behind the bumper, but it looks far better.


Goodkat said...

I've been following this blog for years.

JP said...

Hello, Great build, we like the van and all you have done to it :)

Do you still have the Dometic Tec 29 generator that you was able get working, has it lasted, proved reliable etc? Hoping to get some advice / pick you brain as having trouble with ours :(

Hope to hear from you...

Many thanks and best wishes,

John & Family

Riccardo Leone said...

Hello i Think your is the Most nice Self made camper ever. I Read in another post you were thinking To sell it. I am Very glad To Buy this jewel. Please let me know

Herry Johnson said...

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