Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Cam belt change:

I thought it was about time to change the cam belt, so put aside a day and got to it.

To start with you need the new belt and two rollers along with a tensioner.

The hard part is getting to the belt, its behind a black plastic cover behind the fan!

So an hour later with the intercooler and radiator removed we get to

Remove the intake pipe, the top soundproofing cover, and the alternator belt

Now this is the scary bit, set up at 36mm socket and bar like the above and crank the engine over to break the bolt on the pulley

Now i know your supposed to peg the fuel pump and the flywheel and such like but i just marked the position on the block of the wheels and counted the number of teeth from one wheel to the next.

I have replaced the two rollers and the tensioner as you can see above. Hand crank the engine clockwise slowly to make sure you have the engine set up right. Then re assemble in reverse order.

Thats how I did mine not too difficult only a days work.

Runs perfectly now so on to the brake pipes next.

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