Monday, 8 February 2010

What works and what doesn't

What works Well:
1) Generator - Has got me out of so many scrapes I can't count.
2) Hot water - Never ran out yet, heats up in 20 min for 2 people
3) Bathroom - All working perfectly, right down to the wet floor and toilet extractor, shower is more powerful than most houses
4) Kitchen storage - More than I can use and well arranged
5) Microwave - Can make everything in this, from pizza to a roast dinner!!!
6) TV/AV setup - 260GB of movies and TV series, its like being in a cinema
7) Fridge - Runs on very little power and keeps everything cool / frozen (Tested in 30deg heat)
8) Battery to battery charger - Fit and forget always keeps the batteries charged when moving
9) Solar charger - In december I managed 2amps in daylight (Same as the fridge takes)
10) Inverter - Powers everything on board with a pure sinewave and has a charger built in

What needs attention:
1) Mains heater - Needs uprating 900W only keeps the inside at 12deg (Outside temp -2)
2) Infra red - Need to extend the range of the remote controls in to the cupboard
3) Mains charger - Currently a 15a charger which is far too weak need 50a
4) New lighting - Need to conserve power by replacing bulbs with LED lights
5) Timer for mains heater - Addition of a programable timer to save power during the night
6) Mysterious drain on inverter when nothing turned on - Investigate
7) Carbon monoxide detector - Needs fitting to cover when generator is on or the hob lit
8) Seat cushions - Need fixing to the wall but still moveable
9) Waste water level sensor - Re think needed as the water level shorts it out when totally full
10) Outside temp sensor - Not connected


Driven Mad said...

I'm curious about how the plasti-dip works with the weight of a person standing on it, over time. Fascinating idea for the floor.

Joseph said...

Looks fantastic mate! Its obvious you put a lot of effort into doing things properly, and your way! I've not seen a home conversion that has the style you've got in your van. It is inspirational :)

Driven Mad said...

Got any progress reports? How has it been going? Give the rest of us some pointers.

Scott Dagilis said...

Looks incredible! Would love to get an update!

Forest said...

Wow! I am about to undertake a similar project but didn't have visions of anything near as grand as this - though now I've seen what is possible you've really got me thinking again. Very inspirational.

May I ask what the approximate cost was of (1) the base vehicle and (2) the after market alterations?

..Also where are you based? I've love to see something like this in real life and speak to someone who has been through the process.


Anonymous said...

How are things going with your awesome project mate?

Conrad said...

I didn't think 900 watts would be enough. Perhaps adding a second one would do it or a third? Very clever that towel warmer element, BTW.

It is a fantastic job you. Better than any other I've seen. Thanks for sharing it. I don't need to heap the praise on as everyone will agree it is perfect. I would like to make something, perhaps a bit smaller than this.

I travel in a Volvo 40 wagon at the moment with blacked tinted windows. It has worked rather well, but lacks many of the amenities.

I live on a 46' sloop with no visibility out when down below. One thing I hate is not being able to see and hear outside. Might I suggest some video camera's and microphones, perhaps a speaker mounted underneath to scare and or communicate with people outside? Also some sort of a safe--which you probably have but not discussed would be a good idea.

priya said...

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