Sunday, 20 September 2009

New update

New updates:

Flooring has been laid, it is one piece of vinyl black with raised circles. Very hard wearing and easy to clean.
Mattress and soft furnishings added. The sofa cushions have now been removed and sent for upholstering in black vinyl with grey stitching.
240v Sockets have been added and connected to the remote switch.
Bathroom sink fitted and plumbed in.
Shower fitted and tested.
Small fold away road legal 50cc moped bought and fits in the rear of the van.

1 comment:

Damian said...

I have been researching how to create a stealth camper for some time now and your design is the best I have ever seen. I am looking to be a full timer in a stealth camper to have a break from conventional living, hence the research. One thing I can't see in your design is storage for clothing? Where do you intend to keep your clean and dirty clothes?