Monday, 4 May 2009

Plastic coating the bathroom floor

I used PlastiDip paint which when cured turns into plastic. To get the paint to apply properly we had to store the tin in the freezer. 3 Coats were used to make it waterproof. You can see the two wastes in the floor around the toilet base. This shot also shows the white waterproofed walls.


Janey said...

Wow I have to give you props for actually having the patience to do all that. Is it pretty easy to paint the plastic coating on the floor? We really need to do this at my apartment in our bathroom. We just had the toilet overflow, and it was obvious that the floor wasn't completely waterproof. Out of curiosity how did you get that shot?

Mara said...

what an amazing project! it's very nice to see how you did it all.
my boyfriend and I are just starting with a huge camper project (big scania ex-army truck) and looking for as much info as we can get.
The plasti-dip is pretty expensive but we are planning to use it on the floor of the bathroom. What did you use for the walls? our basic material is plywood, the same as you. But what are the next steps to make it totally waterproof?
any help is welcome!

greetings Mara & Kevin (Holland)